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                                                                        Philippe Karl School of Légèreté Teachers' Course 2011 - 2013

The first Teachers' Course in North America is now complete!!  The School of Légèreté at ForTheHorse had the final exam on the 10th and final clinic, in April 2014.  Exam results will be posted here and on Philippe Karl's website as soon as they are available.

The first Teachers' Course was comprised of students from both Canada and USA.

We were so very fortunate to have Mr. Karl himself teach several of the clinics before he decided to limit his long distance travel. 

This ground-breaking, once in a lifetime, first Teachers' Course has opened doors for légèreté across Canada and USA. It has been a privilege for the ForTheHorse team to become a part of the history of the School of Légèreté!!

School of Légèreté slideshows here.

                                                                            Philippe Karl School of Légèreté Teachers' Course 2017 - 2020

Our second Teachers' Course, taught by Master Instructor, Melanie Bulmahn, is now accepting applications for riders and auditor registrations. 

Teachers' Course General information

The basic training course to become a riding instructor of the School of Légèreté lasts three years and comprises three four-day clinics per year. The final exam will be held during the tenth clinic at the beginning of the fourth year. The students attend the course with their own horses. It is strongly recommended to continuously promote the training of one of the horses over the whole duration of the course, in order to judge the progress in the best possible way.


2019 Schedule Guest Master Instructor

Melanie Bulmahn, from Germany

April 23 - 25

Aug 1 - 4

September 26 - 29


  • individual dressage training 
  • work in hand, at the lunge
  • jumping
  • quadrille 
  • theory
  • pedagogical training
  • final exam

more information here

Rider Application Details

please follow the outline here

Send Applications

  1. Melanie Bulmahn                                                                                        Rader Weg 8, 22889 Tangstedt, Germany or by email:  lamel@gmx.li , videos can be sent via private YouTube.  Regular students of Melanie do not need to send a video, students who ride once a year or less with Melanie need to send a video.

  2. ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre,                                                                      PO 1788, Chase, BC Canada V0E 1M0, chris@forthehorse.com

Rider Tuition

Please email  chris@forthehorse.com


  1. Full Course Auditor - as a Full Course auditor of our Teachers' Course you will observe and listen to the evolution of what could be likened to a University education at the Master's level.  You will participate with our dedicated riders who will progress towards their final examination, with your support and encouragement.  There is no other equine course that gives Auditors an active role in developing our future equine professionals.

  2. Single Clinic Auditor - auditors may attend by single 4 day clinic.  This will be a snap shot of a moment in time along the path of development of each student instructor.

  3. Single Day Auditor - auditors may also attend on a daily basis.  This option will be for the individual who would like to acquire a small taste of the work done in the Teachers' Course.  

Auditor fees

Full Course Auditor:                 $200 per four day clinic

Single Clinic Auditor:               $220 per four day clinic

Per Day Auditor:                      Single Day without Lecture                   $70

Single Day with Lecture                        $95

2 Days                                                    $140

3 Days                                                    $180

Each additional day ater 2 or 3 days     $40

       ATTENTION: Teachers' Course 2011 Full Course Auditors!

       Return to our Teachers' Course 2017 as a Full Course Auditor and receive a discount of 50%.

All fees are GST applicable.       All fees are CAD.           Updated 7.28.2016 (subject to change and further updates).

please email chris@forthehorse.com


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