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                                                                        Philippe Karl

French riding Master Philippe Karl generously brought his School of Légèreté Teachers' Course, for the first time in North America, to ForTheHorse in April 2011, saying, "I like the organization and the atmosphere here."  Read how it all got started here!!

 Mr. Karl's very soft and effective education of horse and rider is an exquisite blend of the best from principle Masters such as La Guerinière, Baucher and L’Hotte.  His personal analysis of these Masters took into consideration the ethology, anatomy, physiology, balance and motion of the horse to cultivate a classical technique and approach which is in complete respect for the horse.

Upon realizing a lack of knowledge in equine disciplines, he launched his School of Légèreté, a school based on science of movement applied to the horse.  Visit www.Philippe-Karl.com

Philippe Karl's School of Légèreté

The founding principle of the School of Légèreté is the absolute respect of the horse. In this concept, Légèreté (French: lightness) is not a declaration of intent of a poetic or esoteric nature, but a philosophy bringing together clear, effective and measurable equestrian concepts.

The philosophy of Légèreté excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids (including side reins, draw reins, tightly closed nosebands etc.), but includes all types of horse and takes an interest in all equestrian disciplines. It provides an understandable and reliable training plan with clear principles, efficient methods and procedures that fully respect the nature of the horse. It thus allows any seriously motivated rider access to High School equitation, even with a perfectly ordinary horse.

Lastly it has the aim of getting the best from any horse and fulfilling the rider through the constant search for efficiency via the minimum use of means.

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