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                                                                            What We Offer

  • Holistic Horse Farm Management

We are a working horse farm where we make high quality organic horse hay, use sustainable practices for grazing, and hold an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.  We raise, care for, and maintain our horses with respect to their nature.

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  • Education for horse and rider

"Chris's knowledge in many different areas help to make her clinics very comprehensive.  Also, the way she teaches enables you to understand everything...her lessons are fun!"

"I really enjoyed Chris's clinic and I feel I learned a lot about myself and my horse.  I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.  I would recommend coming to ForTheHorse!!"

Lessons, clinics, intensives

Lessons are offered in several formats; private, semi-private, group or clinic.  Whatever your choice, all lessons involve attention to both horse and rider.  The balance, coordination and control of the rider hands and body is of utmost importance to enable you to get the most from your horse as an athlete and as a partner.  You may choose to bring your own horse or work with one of our exceptional school horses.

For folks coming from far away the intensive immersion week is an excellent and popular option.  For five days you receive riding lessons and rider movement education sessions daily.

read more about education, pricing, and a success story go here

Video Coaching

Send us your video of your riding or specific problem and we will view it and send you back a written or live telephone/Skype coaching session.

  • Equine Education

We provide a complete education for your horse from starting a horse under saddle to jumping to high school dressage.  Our system encompasses many natural horsemanship techniques for the young or re-start horse which are layered upon by bodywork techniques to keep horses happy and pain free during the initial stages of their education.

Time proven concepts and techniques from the Philippe Karl School of Légèreté are used to educate your horses mouth to the riders hand and to teach aids for the first time or to fill in the holes that are present with your horses previous education.

Liberty and Ground Work (In Hand) is a large component of your horses education and movement education to ensure a very clear path of communication and an education that is full proof from one rider to another.

All aspects of our system are effective, time proven and horse considerate.                                                                

  • Sale Horses

One of our horses could be your next partner!!  View our sale horses here.

  • Equine Rehabilitation

Over the many years of operating our horse rescue we have rescued, rehabilitated and re-trained numerous horses and ponies of all descriptions, some of which were to be euthanized because of serious hoof problems, and are now happy, healthy and merged successfully within our herd, or have new homes.  To read about our most recent success story go here.  We are in the forefront of barefoot trimming and have practiced barefoot trims for the past 16 years.

Our equine rehabilitation program may involve transitioning from iron shoes to barefoot, nutrition, equine bodywork and movement education, homeopathy, and, horse psychology, sociology and herd dynamics.

All aspects of our rehabilitation program are approached from the natural and holistic point of view addressing your horse's mind, body and spirit, and are customized to meet the needs of the horse.  We work closely with professionals such as holistic and conventional veterinarians, equine dentists, and alternative healers.

  • Barefoot Hoofcare

Barefoot hoofcare for any horse...pleasure horse, pathological feet or competition horse.  Our approach has been developed from many years of study with barefoot pioneers and first hand experience with the horses themselves.

  • Equine Bodywork

We combine massage therapy with other forms of equine bodywork including Orthobionomy, Integrated Body Therapy, Equine Touch and Vertebral Realignment, to create a whole body balancing program.

  • Horse Board

There are a limited number of horse boarding situations, from full board to self board, at our state of the art facility.  These are available for students of the School of Légèreté and ForTheHorse.  Please enquire if you are interested.

  • Full Time Student/Apprenticeship

The absolute best way to become a horse person!  For more information go here.

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