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About our Student Program

Are you interested in being part of a team on a holistic equine  farm and educational centre that is recognized world wide for its caring and considerate practices?

Do you want to improve your knowledge about horses and improve your skills with horses by progressing through natural horsemanship levels and into advanced levels of expertise with the School of Légèreté?

Do you desire to become part of a solution to help one of the world's greatest creatures - horses?

Are you interested in adding purpose to your equine education journey by teaching other eager students, helping horses in their rehabilitation to health and applying your knowledge to numerous horses in many different situations, ie. on the trail, jumping, with young horses?

Are you enthusiastic about becoming the best possible rider that you can be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you


We have been sharing with our students at ForTheHorse for the past 20 years!!  Many of our students have gone on to professions with horses or gained entry into equine programs around the world.  It has been incredible to witness the growth and progress of students who have decided to dedicate this time with us. 

  • The student program is a working holistic horse farm experience combined with progression through the natural horsemanship levels, rider movement education and the School of Légèreté levels. 

  •  It includes a series of lessons and clinics , practical experience, barefoot hoof trimming, and lots of teamwork.

  • You will learn the details of running a working organic hay farm such as...

    o   Organic hay production practices

    o   Rotational grazing

    o   Haying

    o   Environmental stewardship

  • Students learn by practical problem solving with the many different breeds, types and education level of horses at ForTheHorse.  Playing  with a variety of horses and  horseanalities is a huge opportunity, especially if students have professional goals. 

For application process email Chris@ForTheHorse.com

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"Christine and Isla are always precise and attentive in their indications for us to find the right feelings."

Maia and Laurie from Quebec

... I most certainly could not have done it without the incredible people and horses here at For The Horse. This summer has helped me to expand my knowledge of the equine industry and solidify my choices for the future. I highly recommend this apprentice program to any young person who has the thirst for knowledge and a strong desire to further themselves in the equine world.

Mariah from Nova Scotia.

Nina from Belgium

“This is a program for the committed equestrian who is searching for a holistic immersion that goes into horse management, their wellbeing and cares while also encompassing riding and training to a high level.  Participating in this program has increased my awareness to take in and really see the whole horse in order to obtain the clarity and balance that both horse and rider seek in each other.”

Shelbie from Alaska