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                                            Equine Rehabilitation

ForTheHorse has actively been rehabilitating equines in need for 17 years.  We are extremely happy with our results and have received international recognition for our many successes.  Our rescue and rehabilitaion work has been presented on national and international television documentaries as well newspapers around the world.

Below is a story about our most recent rescue and rehabilitation.  Photos to the right are some of the wonderful friends that we have had the privilege to heal.

There are a limited number of openings for rehabilitations at our centre.  If you are interested, please enquire. 

 Rehabilitation Case Study

Nick’s Rescue
“I would like to share my experience at ForTheHorse. Chris Adderson was able to rescue my 21 year old dressage horse, Nick, diagnosed with incurable high ringbone in both front legs, from a prognosis of increasing pain, limitations, and physical decline. (He was diagnosed at Tufts University in Massachusetts through a lameness exam and digital x-rays; his prognosis was confirmed in consultation with Fairfield Equine in Connecticut.) I was told to put him on 1 gram of bute a day, keep him in limited work, and expect further deterioration as nothing could be done for him. He was on this program for 3 years.
Chris, in less than five months, restored him to soundness! In a comprehensive holistic program she addressed his pain, his feet, his diet, and his stabling. In a matter of weeks, she incrementally reduced his bute regimen to zero, thus eliminating the dangerous side effects of bute to his kidneys and stomach lining. As an expert barefoot trimmer, she removed his shoes and began a painstaking and carefully monitored transition to healthy feet. Nick is now a sound and happy horse!
I owe this total transformation of my horse to Chris’s expert knowledge of horses, their behaviors and their needs, and her attention to every detail of their well-being. Since she is an exceptionally gifted rider and trainer, she will be re-introducing Nick to his dressage work, making use of the principles of Philippe Karl, and I am also having her start a young four-year-old.
I have always wanted the very best for my horses and am certain that I have found it at Chris Adderson’s superb facility, ForTheHorse.”

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