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                                            Equine and Rider Education

  • would you like to understand how to create a soft, willing, enthusiastic partner?

  • do you enjoy watching your horses body develop as you form a capable, strong and pain free athlete?

  • would you like to become one with the horse?

  • would you love to have the confidence to teach your horse from the basics up to very advanced movements?

  • are you interested in how to ask for movement from your horse?

  • do you desire to dance with your horse with lightness and ease?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then our equine and rider education program is for you.  Invest in yourself, time with our instructors, to build your skills to enjoy a lasting, life long, fulfilling partnership with horses.

Classical - Naturally!  Classical is Natural and Natural is Classical  

From scientific study, to dancer, to natural horsemanship, to equine and human body worker, to barefoot trimmer, to classical dressage, Christine has melded her talents and extensive understanding of horses and riding into a complete education program for you and your horse. 

This is the "true" natural horsemanship...

 - a system of aiding that completely respects the physical and emotional integrity of the horse without relinquishing control

- a system that melds impulsion, gymnastics, free and flowing gaits, lightness at the base of training as much as a result, the release that teaches, rigor of progression, isolation and separation, establishment of consistent boundaries, riding with your spine

- a system that teaches you how to use your body, mind and intellect to move with efficiency and harmony with your horse

Lessons are the smooth and ultimate combination of the best of natural horsemanship and French classical dressage at its finest.  Christine can help you make an easy transition from your existing knowledge base to the advanced skills required for classical dressage and liberty work. She teaches the subtleties of liberty work as well as her concepts of spine based riding where the direction of the riders spine are fundamental.

You will learn about the science of horse psychology and the science of movement for riders and horses.

If you'd like to study at ForTheHorse you can bring your own horse or learn from one of our well educated school horses...

Weekend Courses

Includes theory, 6 lessons, horse self-board.  Arrive Friday at 3:00 to Sunday at 3:00.  $650.00

Week Intensive

Includes video assessment and theory, 10 lessons, horse self-board.  Arrive Monday 4:00 to Friday 3:00.  $1095.00

Private Lessons

Contact us for more information and a booking.

Full Time Student

A total immersion into holistic care, maintenance, horse training, rider training under the precepts of natural horsemanship and classical dressage.  Go to ForTheHorse Student Program  for more details.

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Highlights from one of our latest equine and rider successes...

For the past couple of years I have had chronic problems with back pain.  I have been to a number of chiropractors and assorted therapists who would put me back together, only to find myself in pain within a few days.  Riding was becoming a real problem for me, to the point where I would literally collapse upon dismounting.

When Chris suggested that she could help me, I was skeptical at first.  I knew that my problems were in my back and was not sure how she would be able to help me, but at that point I thought I had nothing to lose.  What she did was help me to realize that it was the way I was holding my body that was responsible for the pain in my back.  Her methods are excellent in that she has established a method that allows you to see for yourself the patterns that you have built.  In a clear, concise and methodological manner she can identify what the individual needs to not only break established negative patterns, but ensure that you yourself are able to recognize and identify when you are returning to those patterns.  Checks and balances to avoid pain and to continue on independently.

When you are riding or performing a task, someone may tell you to do something repeatedly or observe that you doing something with your body and tell you to stop.  If you have no point of reference for what you are doing, it is completely hopeless to be expected to stop especially if there is no basis for understanding what it is you are to stop.  Chris was able to show me in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere how my body had programmed itself to move in a certain fashion.  I was very surprised, and would never have believed that I could be doing these things without an opportunity such as this.  Once confident that I could master my "cell memory" in the classroom, we tested my understanding on horseback.

I am happy to say that although habits are hard to break, because of the checks and balances that Chris taught me, I am able to correct myself from falling into old habits.  By improving the manner in which I carry myself on my horse, I am no longer blocking him as I did and allowing freer movement.  It has even allowed me to carry myself with better posture and movement off the horse as well, and best of all I am free from pain!

Thanks Chris!


"I value the training and encouragement that you have given me throughout this past year.  I would not be where I am today, as a person and rider, without the knowledge and experience you have given me." 


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Christine with Dawn in total connection demonstrating liberty in an open 50 acre field.



Christine asking Merlin to lie down.



Christine and Merlin.





Christine and Dawn bareback with finesse.