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                                                                           Isla Adderson

  • Certified Instructor School of Légèreté, with the famous French Classical Dressage Master, Philippe Karl.

  • fully qualified in many equine services offered by ForTheHorse, such as starting young horses, equine rehabilitation,  holistic horse management, and equine education.

  • experienced barefoot trimmer for pleasure and sport horses.

  • Certified Equine Massage Therapist where she combines massage with other forms of equine body work including Orthobionomy, Equine Touch and joint play to create a whole balancing program.

  • many years of showing horses in dressage and jumping shows, including young horses, rehabilitated horses and higher level horses.

  • Enjoys playing and performing with her cello. She has won many awards on a provincial level.

Clinics and Lessons 

Available for clinics or lessons at the ForTheHorse facility or at your location. Please contact: Chris@ForTheHorse.com

"I really enjhoyed Isla and her approach.  I have just got my toes wet, I want to learn more!"  Elsie, Whitehorse

"Isla's clinic was understandable to the horse, systematic and clear to the rider.  Isla is an excellent instructor - clear, organized, progressively adds elements, considers the horse and needs for breaks.  She gives time to all for questions.  She is encouraging and positive, gives the rider confidence.  She is attentive and focused right to the end of the day!"

"I love having Isla come to help us to continue with fresh!"

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