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                                                                                    Sale Horses

We pride ourselves in offering horses for sale who are ready to find loving human partners.

Below is a testimonial from a buyer who purchased one of our horses and kept in contact with us. Our sale horses, like the one below, go on to find new partners and help others to ride and progress in their education.

If you see one you like contact us!  Come and try out a horse in a clinic situation or with private lessons.  Chris@ForTheHorse.com

Hi Chris,

I thought I would just send you a quick note to let you know that Black Gold is doing really well.  I have come to really love this boy and have gotten so much praise on what an awesome horse he is.  He is turning me into a more confident rider, and my riding skills have improved with his help.  His fun, sweet, well-behaved and loves to work.  I never thought I would ever own such a nice horse, everyone should have the opportunity to own such a wonderful moving, well balanced, well trained, willing horse...he is truly is a gem.

He has made horse owning a true pleasure and privilege.

Regards, Teresa

Photo credits:  ForTheHorse

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