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                                        Bertrand Ravoux

From the School of Légèreté in France, Bertrand Ravoux, joined us to teach the Teachers' Courses and the Advanced Courses.

Bertrand is one of Philippe Karl's top instructors.  His enthusiastic teaching style combined with a vast knowledge base consummate in profoundly skillfully taught lessons.

About Bertrand...

  • riding instructor since 1997.
  • trained students of all levels and ages in dressage, show jumping and eventing
  • successfully competed  at national level eventing competitions
  • initiated to the Baucher method by Patrice Franchet d’Espèrey, equerry of the Cadre Noir of Saumur
  • manager of the documentation centre of the National School for Horse Riding
  • worked alongside Philippe Karl as a trainee for a year
  • licensed riding teacher of the School of Légèreté (level IV diploma).

visit Bertrand's website www.bertrandravoux-legerete.com  

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