How it all started....

Philippe Karl, Isla and Argeniro

Toronto July 10 - 12, 2009  

It was thrilling and exciting to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride for and be taught by Philippe Karl. Being an enthusiastic and dedicated 19 year old rider, I accepted the invitation to ride in the clinic organized by Hans Hollenbach which was located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

It was decided that the best way to get to Toronto from British Columbia (across an entire country) would be to drive our truck, camper and horse trailer (4,000 km one way). Throughout the course of my adventure, I had tremendous support from my fantastic family. My mother and younger sister, plus my beloved Hanoverian gelding, Jota, and one of our precious dogs, Skye, travelled five continuous long days to partake in this amazing opportunity. We arrived at Sterling Hill Farm two days before the clinic began.


The day before the clinic we were introduced to Mr. Karl as "the people who travelled 8000 km from BC to come to the clinic".  He did not say much, shook our hands and smiled at us with appreciation.  Little did we know that years later we would host  and organize North America's first Teachers' Course for the School of Légèreté and become good friends with Mr. Karl!!

And so, that is how it all began.  Now, at the time of this writing, there are two more schools opening their doors in North America.  As someone wrote in to us, "you are brave trail-blazers for the equine community..."  It does feel so good to bring such quality education to our continent and to witness so many riders and horses benefit.

Below are photographs from our epic journey of July 2009!!

Drinking spot for Jota; we are in the middle of Saskatchewan.

Jota eating grass at a truck stop in Saskatchewan. He preferred green fresh grass to his wet hay in the trailer.

 Jota trying to eat my sandwich!


Lunch stop.





Jota standing and posing for a motorcyclist to take his picture. All along the trip, he must have had around 30 people take his photo. He is one famous horse!

Clee and Jota at a rest stop in Manitoba.

Clee and Jota again staying clear of horseflies!

Jota thought he would try some strawberry yogourt. He decided on this trip that he surpassed human rights!

Time out - let's eat and rest!

Jota eating the grass at Old Woman Bay. In this photo he is the closest he would get to the lake  because he was very nervous beside the crashing waves.

Jota's trip companion, Skye, walking towards our rig. He is not too impressed about going into the truck again!

Clee on the beach - Lake Superior.