Canada School of Légèreté

The Canada School of Légèreté at ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre proudly presents our Teachers' Course.  We offer this outstanding education (UNESCO – Intangible World Heritage recognized) to eight privileged, selected riders, as well as to a limited number of auditors.  We feel privileged to be able to offer a continual Teachers’ Courses in Chase, British Columbia at For the Horse Equestrian Centre. The School of Légèreté Teachers’ Course will be taught by Melanie Bulmahn, licensed/certified Master Teacher, who comes to us with Philippe Karl’s, Founder of the School of Légèreté, recommendation.

Join Us, the Canada School of Légèreté; Melanie Bulmahn and Christine Adderson for an unforgettable experience with your equine partner!!

  You can become a Riding Teacher of the School of Légèreté

Canada School of Légèreté

ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre Chase BC

2019 DATES

ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre


April 23 - 25, Aug 1 - 4, Sept 26 - 29


The Philosophy of Légèreté


The founding principle of the School of Légèreté is the absolute respect of the horse. In this concept, Légèreté (French: lightness) is not a declaration of intent of a poetic or esoteric nature, but a philosophy bringing together clear, effective and measurable equestrian concepts.

The philosophy of Légèreté excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids (including side reins, draw reins, tightly closed nosebands etc.), but includes all types of horse and takes an interest in all equestrian disciplines. It provides an understandable and reliable training plan with clear principles, efficient methods and procedures that fully respect the nature of the horse. It thus allows any seriously motivated rider access to High School equitation, even with a perfectly ordinary horse.

The School of Légèreté takes its inspiration from the masters who have contributed to this equestrian philosophy: Xenophon, Fiaschi, La Broue, Pluvinel, La Guérinière, Dupaty de Clam, Hünersdorf, Freiherr von Sind, Baucher, Raabe, L’Hotte, Faverot de Kerbrech, Beudant, Oliveira etc. It is based on in-depth knowledge of the horse and is ready to re-analyse and improve itself with all types of progress in this respect (anatomy, physiology, locomotion, balance, psychology, ethology).

Lastly it has the aim of getting the best from any horse and fulfilling the rider through the constant search for efficiency via the minimum use of means. 

Philippe Karl Biography

Philippe Karl was born in 1947. In 1968, he dropped his medical studies to dedicate himself to working with horses. From 1968 to 1971, he studied breeding, first at the Zootechnical Studies Centre (Centre d´Enseignement Zootechnique) in Rambouillet, then at the French national stud Haras National du Pin. He obtained his national riding instructor's certificate in 1971.

From 1972 to 1979, he was head of the riding department at the Centre d´Enseignement Zootechnique in Rambouillet, where he was in charge of various branches of professional training. From 1980 to 1985, he ran his own stables. During all these years, he was regularly competing in eventing and show jumping.

In 1985, General Pierre Durand appointed him as a member of the French national riding school Ecole Nationale d´Equitation in Saumur, and he became an Ecuyer at the prestigious Cadre Noir. Being especially dedicated to the shows of the Cadre Noir, he created two historical shows, presentations at the long reins – both in jumping and High School – and participated in the shows of the Ecuyers. For thirteen years, he took part in all the gala shows of the Cadre Noir in France and all over Europe.

In 1998, he left the Ecole Nationale d´Equitation to devote himself to the clinics he is giving in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. Since 2004, he has been especially dedicated to the training of riding instructors within his School of Légèreté.





Melanie Bulmahn


Melanie Bulmahn is a Master Instructor with the School of Légèreté.  She has ridden horses all her life and continues her enthusiasm for horses by teaching riders and horses full time. Melanie has incorporated her experience of 18 years as a medical doctor's assistant in sports medicine, as well as her recent equine osteopath education, into her teaching.

"My goal is to provide a holistic training approach for different horses and riders in which the center is the respect for the horse.  This provides a more intense dialogue between horse and rider, where the horse is confident, light and at all times on the aids of the rider."







Christine Adderson - Chase BC Location, ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre


Christine has been organizing and hosting the School of Légèreté since it's inception in North America in 2011.  As well as a rider on her Andalusian gelding and Oldenberg mare, she is an equestrian teacher, researcher and writer. 


Teachers' Course General information

The basic training course to become a riding instructor of the School of Légèreté consists of 10 consecutive clinics. The final exam will be held during the tenth clinic. The students attend the course with their own horses. It is strongly recommended to continuously promote the training of one of the horses over the whole duration of the course, in order to judge the progress in the best possible way.


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Rider Application Details

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Send Applications

  1. Melanie Bulmahn - Rader Weg 8, 22889 Tangstedt, Germany or by email: Send applications in PDF format.  Videos can be sent via private YouTube. 

  2. ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre - PO 1788, Chase, BC Canada V0E 1M0

2011 Teachers' Course Slideshows at ForTheHorse here

Rider Tuition

ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre Chase BC


  1. Full Course Auditor - as a Full Course auditor of our Teachers' Course you will observe and listen to the evolution of what could be likened to a University education at the Master's level.  Eight dedicated riders will progress towards their final examination with your support and encouragement.  There is no other Course which gives Auditors an active role in developing our future equine professionals.

  2. Single Clinic Auditor - auditors may attend by single 4 day clinic.  This will be a snap shot of a moment in time along the path of development of each student instructor.

  3. Single Day Auditor - auditors may also attend on a daily basis.  This option will be for the individual who would like to acquire a small taste of the work done in the Teachers' Course.  


Auditor fees

ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre Chase BC

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 Canada School of Légèreté

ForTheHorse Equestrian Centre Chase BC

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