ForTheHorse Honourary Members

The following individuals have gone above and beyond in their contributions to ForTheHorse

We graciously thank them for their love and dedication to horses and their enthusiasm in equine pursuits. 

You helped to create our vision of ForTheHorse!

Clee Adderson

Robyn Adderson


Philippe Karl

Bertrand Ravoux

Peggy Cummings

Pat Parelli

Friends of ForTheHorse

The following people have made a difference in our lives at ForTheHorse.  We thank you!

Supreme Master Ching Hai

Kristine Lauridsen

Renee Zimmer

Susan Cook

Grace Gray

Daniel Howe

Shelbie Fredenhagen

Phoebe Oudshoorn

Mike Grahn

Kirk Bentley

Bill Powell

Darren Rubner

Mariah Fisher

Nina Kliebach

Jason and Dave Hadath

Jose Luis Herrara

Ornan Martin

Sarah and Paul Figgess

Ted Kay

Margo and John Wynn

Mark Theuillat

Jim and Lorna Beecroft