"Heroine of the Horses"

Recipient of the

Shining World Compassion Award

This is the letter given to Christine from Supreme Master Ching Hai...

Dear Ms. Adderson,

We were deeply moved by the great kindness you showed in rescuing many horses and are delighted to present the "Shining World Compassion Award" to you.  This Award is presented in recognition of your outstanding efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these magnificent animals, for your selfless spirit of service to them and your compassionate advocacy on their behalf.

Hearing that their previous owner was in difficulty and had become unable to care for 30 thoroughbred horses, you very lovingly put out the word on the internet that these horses needed new homes where they would be well cared for.  You also let people know what their terrible fate woud be if they were not re-homed.  Wonderfully enough, through your efforts, every single one of these deeply emotional and sensitive animals did find a loving caregiver who could give them a safe haven.  What a happy ending to this story!  The fact that most of the horses at your centre are rescued animals shows both your deep commitment to equine welfare, and the loveliness of your heart and mind.  May Heaven bless you for your exceptional compassion and shining example of loving kindness.

For selflessly providing for the needs of these noble animals, for your altruism, sensitivity, creativity and great sympathy for horses in need, and for being so dedicated to ensuring equine welfare and contentment, we hereby applaud and celebrate the compassionate deeds of Ms. Christine Adderson.

With Great Honour, Love and Blessings,

Supreme Master Ching Hai

The Shining World Compassion Award - a work of art made from crystal!!

Chris with Poppy, a 2 year old Thoroughbred from the group of rescue horses.


Chris with Poppy during the filming at ForTheHorse Centre.

Chris and Dawn during the filming.  Dawn is the lead mare of the herd.

Chris with Merlin, having a conversation!! 


                                      ForTheHorse Team !

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Notes and photographs from new loving homes:

Poppy trotting in his new home!

Sargeant in Alberta at his new home!

 I thought I'd give you an update on Sargeant.  He is doing really, really well.  Turns out he was a cryptorchid so the gelding proceedure turned into full on surgery, but he came through it great with no complications at all.  Most of his studdy behaviour has settled down and he is turning into a really sweet boy.  He's been through the gamit - surgery, teeth, shots, feet, etc etc and he has handled it all really well.  He has gained very nicely and has a nice woolly winter coat.  My trainer and I have been doing alot of ground work with him and he is coming along really nicely.  He is very willing and smart.  He leads, ties, stands for the farrier, and can yield really nicely through the hips and the shoulders.  We are going to start taking steps towards getting him used to tack etc. with a view to backing him in the spring.  I couldn't be happier with him and am so grateful I was able to bring him home with me.

Take care,  Faye C

Below left is a recent photograph of Diamond, now living in  Prince George, BC, with her sister Magic and very loving owners.


Above right is Mia, now living on Bowen Island, BC.

Mia is my greatest teacher, and my best friend.  She can be frustrating, for sure, but I have met some amazing people through her, and because of her, and she has a brave and precocious way about her, though she does often try to push my boundaries and my patience.  Incidentally, she also has gorgeous conformation and movement, and some of the people who at first doubted she was worth saving have since commented that she has blossomed into a beautiful youngster.  I remember one of you telling me you’d rescued a horse who, just like her, managed to win over everyone at the vet clinic, and everyone she met since.  I have even been offered money for Mia, but she is very much not for sale, and never will be.  She has a forever home with me.


Below are the posts to this website which reached around the world at a critical time in these horses lives.

These excellent TB horses need to find homes!! 

The breeder has run into some difficulties.  We have until Monday, July 26 to save these nice, well bred horses.  This page updated July 22, 9:00pm, 2010 with photos and descriptions of all of the horses.  (Here is an example of a few of the postings)


July 23, 2010

Below are some photos of lucky people and horses heading into a new life.  There are a few horses who still need homes for those of you who are still looking.  Please check them out.

July 24, 2010

WE HAVE DONE IT!!!  NO HORSES ARE GOING TO SLAUGHTER!!  Thank you to all who have come with open hearts to rescue horses in need.  People have come from Alberta, Vancouver Island, and locally to help out. 

July 25, 2010 2:30 pm

WE HAVE COMPLETELY DONE IT!!!  This has been the most miraculous horse rescue we have seen in years!  All horses have now found good homes.  Horse people from the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta have stepped forward to rescue not only the "best pick" but also the horses with problems that need a little bit of extra care, time and money.  Ageing in range from 2 years to 20 years, these horses are all now placed in good homes and no longer heading for slaughter.  Thank you again to all who helped us reach this goal.  It is unbelievable that those few beginning emails and posts to could spread worldwide (yes, there will be an article in www.horsetalk.co.nz, ) about this heartwarming miraculous story.  This effort had a tremendous power felt around the world and we can hear the horses speaking!!

All the best, ForTheHorse,

Chris Adderson

Chris and two of the rescue horses!